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Upscale and downhome food at The Deer and The Dove in Decatur, GA

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

Upscale and downhome food in Decatur, Georgia

Because we travel and eat out so much, it takes a lot to impress me, especially with restaurant prices lately. The Deer and The Dove is an exception.

Vegetable opener and Old Fashioned cocktail
Vegetable opener at The Deer and The Dove
  1. The chef, Terry Koval, is the James Beard winner for Best Chef: Southeast (think the Academy Awards of food). Still, that aside, the food is amazing.

  2. Think upscale farm-to-table food with a twist.

  3. Their website advertises that their food costs are 5% in-state, organic and 20% local.

  • App: Homemade Yeast Rolls (Need I say more?)

  • Small Plate: Coffee Dusted Seared Venison - This is not your uncle's weekend deer hunting tenderloin. No gaminess is found in this tender and rare meat. And the beet and carrot pairings add a sweet, smooth finish.

  • Cocktail: An Old Fashioned for the Spring - I’m a HUGE fan of Old Fashioned and Manhattan cocktails, but they always feel like a betrayal in spring and summer months. This beverage bridged that gap with their blackberry basil syrup.

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