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Super Health Food

Over the past 3 years, I've traveled quite a bit. And those travels have confirmed one long held belief: We are more alike that we are different.

Sure, we are products of our environments. If we grow up in a richly diverse place we tend to embrace people, food and spaces that may look different from us. Conversely, if we grow up in homogenous places, we tend to have a more narrow view of our world.

But here's the thing: Beyond all of that, food plays a critical role in our lives - whether we live with its abundance or scarcity. We are shaped by the accessibility of it, the availability of resources, and the generational knowledge attached to what we consume. So, whether you are Latino, Korean, African, Southern American, Northern American or fill-in-the-blank culture, food becomes the leveler.

My hope is that, in the sharing of my food travels, we begin to see how similar we are. Of course, I am passionate about highlighting great eats that may be of interest to you; more importantly, I want to bring us together to learn about and appreciate one another and the food we eat.

While you're here read, learn, grow, and eat.

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