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Decadent pies at Crave Pie Studio in Duluth, GA

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

Local, decadent desserts in Duluth, Georgia

A few years ago, my wife and I were fortunate enough to go see the Broadway show “Waitress”. (First an Indie Film, with a unique story of its own. Then a Broadway show scored by the incomparable Sara Bareilles). Essentially, it’s about a down and out waitress that makes pies. Really delectable pies.

When we left the show we had a craving for, you guessed it, pie. It was late, and the closest pie place around the corner was closed. Since I prefer pie over cake, I was disappointed because I felt certain there were no great pie places back home in Atlanta.

I was wrong. Crave Pie is, well, all things pie. From quiches to banana cream to your traditional pecan. And the crusts are light and flaky and good enough to eat by themselves.

Dessert pies at Crave Pie Studio in Duluth, GA
Decadent pies at Crave Pie Studio
  1. They have two locations in the Greater Atlanta area: Duluth (their first location and a great town in and of itself), and Alpharetta.

  2. Crave is the brainchild of Briana Carson, owner and self-proclaimed “PiEvangelist”.

  3. They are local, in case you feel passionate about supporting them.


  • The Buttermilk Pie is not what you think. Holy heck this thing is such an incredible surprise of sweet creamy goodness!

  • Their mini pies are absolutely delicious and filling enough to satisfy your sweet tooth.

  • The menu is seasonal, so check their website or Instagram account for weekly offerings.

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